ACTUALLY i got three lil buttons and thank you all for voting for me omg. how did this happen. i’m still blinking disbelievingly at my screen.

shockingly, not one was for the incredible amount of fluffy happy fic that i’m absolutely sure i write. *nodnod* but so does this make us both the other woman made #2 for completed angst and thaw got second place for swan queen week fic! and i am forever wowed and grateful for whoever out there enjoyed them enough to vote for them! (thaw might’ve been fluffy happy. what was thaw. thaw baffles me.)

i know no one wants to hear me be tiresome about more deserving fics than mine BUT i do take this moment to remind y’all that while you may be familiar with the winning fics/people (and the ones i’ve read are p great), there are some fabulous fics both in the nominations and in my rec tag so check those out too! OKAY BYE. IMMA GO HIDE NOW.

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The following have been voted as Best Authors by your fellow Swan Queen shippers. These are people who write incredible fanfiction for our beloved ship. Below we have links to where you may find their work.

Best Author:

Be sure to check out their amazing fics, as well as those of the other nominees



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Inpired by this post (spoilers) : [x]

bonus :


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snowing + regina: a summary


I think one of my favorite things about Swan Queen is that there’s a strong case for either one of them to be the cuddler in the relationship.



Lana Parrilla and Jennifer Morrison on set


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thank you all for the recs! (with a special shoutout toracethewind10 who WROTE ME FLUFF IN MY ASKBOX ILU go post that to tumblr too omg it’s so pretty and I’m so happysad) Hopefully they will carry me through another hour or so when I’ll finally be able to sleep properly~


Anyone have any fic recs for me? Something light and fluffy but not too flowery, easy reading that’s enjoyable without requiring too much focus?


FIC : teenage … dream? (once upon a time | emma/regina)


Teenage … Dream? - Once Upon A Time ; Emma/Regina ; 9,000 words (and counting).

Marian’s return means splitsville for Regina and Robin, and Emma is determined to cheer Regina up—even if it means working a little magic. But when she accidentally awakens Regina’s inner teenager, life gets weird. Well. Weirder than usual.

Read it: [AO3]

At least Regina answers the door.

After five very awkward and excruciating minutes, but still.

She’s wearing silky blue pajamas and a robe; her hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail. There isn’t a trace of makeup on her face, so there aren’t any telltale mascara tear tracks to suggest that all she does is sit inside and cry over how Emma ruined her life all the time, but still. Her skin does look a little blotchy.

Emma never thought she would live to see the day when Regina forsook eyeliner. Even when they’re in the most life threatening of situations, Regina always has some seriously flawless eyeliner going on.

This is bad.

“Miss Swan,” Regina says, in a way that makes Emma nostalgic for the days when she had first moved to Storybrook and Regina pronounced Miss Swan with such fondness and admiration. In comparison.

“Heyyy there!” Emma says gently. “How are ya, buddy?”

She holds up a carton of ice cream in one hand and a The Heat DVD in the other.

Regina stares at her.

“Buddy?” she repeats disdainfully.

“No good?” Emma asks, crestfallen.

“No,” Regina says, and closes the door.

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rettrouvaille: "THERE WAS A HUG? WHAT? DO EXPLAIN? djzmalzmxmkakKckKkz"

Jen talked about it at one of the cons this summer! That moment in 3.11 after Regina offers Emma good memories, she and Lana tried an unscripted hug because they felt like it fit the scene and the sacrifice and the emotion there. Unfortunately, that take wasn’t the one the show went with, so now it’s been swallowed up with all the other unused filming footage 5ever. ))):

(if anyone has the video/gifset of her talking about it, feel free to link it in replies! I am on my phone and can’t search rn) (sometimes some dailies do appear online eventually. HERE’S HOPING.)

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