THE MAGIC BEGINS - A Harry Potter Challenge » favourite character: ginny weasley

"I didn’t want anyone to talk to me," said Harry, who was feeling more and more nettled.
"Well, that was a bit stupid of you," said Ginny angrily, "seeing as you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels."
Harry remained quite still as the impact of these words hit him. Then he wheeled around.
"I forgot," he said.
"Lucky you," said Ginny coolly.

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These promo pics gave me so many so does this make us both the other woman feels… I had to reread it for the… no, you don’t want to know how many times I read this fic :p



Okay, this is the PERFECT chapter. I swear. A piano scene with Henry/Regina, a fight (kind of) and an emotional conversation (“you won’t”), Henry finding out his own room and his mothers’ reactions. <3

THANK YOU. <333 Henry’s pov is my favorite to write right now because you get so much nuance that you don’t necessarily from his moms when both are so overwhelmed with all the plot-type things that happen. and they’re all kind of limbo (though everything will be moving very quickly very soon!) so there’s this final bit of peace before everything hurries up~



Fangirl challenge | [13/15] pairings

“Helena, listen to me. I am not going to die here, okay? Because you are going to take a breath and you’re going to save my life.”


Freefall (3/?)

But she doesn’t move yet and Emma doesn’t want her to. She’s in that place between sleep and wakefulness where thoughts flow freely, where her mind makes connections that slide through the cracks in her protective walls and seem suddenly so simple. “I thought that this was how we’d leave Neverland,” she says drowsily. She’d lain awake at night in the woods, watching over the camp as Regina had tossed and turned in her bedroll, and she’d imagined the three of them stretched out in a too-small bunk together, Henry between them and neither one willing to move from his side. She’d imagined peaceful murmurs and hands clasped over him and more of those smiles like the ones after they’d stopped the trigger together.

She doesn’t elaborate but Regina says, “So did I,” and her voice is scratchy and a little hoarse and Emma knows that she’s going to retreat soon, too, return to her empty mansion and curl up in Henry’s old bed and hold his pillow like Emma’s holding Henry himself. But Regina doesn’t have Henry anymore.

And she’s small and selfish and weak and she doesn’t know why she always runs, runs, runs when all she wants is that bed in the Jolly Roger, Emma-Henry-Regina and Regina’s fingers on hers as they sail away to freedom.

AO3 | FF.net

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Emma Swan: I’mma SAVIOUR ass!
So, this is my deviantART - if you have any comment’s or advise, I’d love to hear it!


"so does this make us both the other woman?"- coalitiongirl | a swan queen playlist | read here | listen here

Chapter 1 | bad suns- pretend

Chapter 2 | bastille- the draw

Chapter 3 | passenger- heart’s on fire

Chapter 4 | metro station- love and war

Chapter 5 | of monsters and men- king and lionheart

Chapter 6 | tegan & sara- i was a fool

Chapter 7 | sam smith- leave your lover

Chapter 8 | ellie goulding- goodness gracious

Chapter 9 | sam smith- like i can

Chapter 10 | eric saade- imagine

Chapter 11 | no doubt- push and shove

Chapter 12 | niki & the dove- in our eyes

Chapter 13 | summer heart- i wanna go

Chapter 14 | you + me- you and me

Chapter 15 | lights- don’t go home without me

Chapter 16 | jessica mauboy- to the end of the earth


racethewind10 answered your post: “do any of you know if watching live via abc.com contributes to…”:
oh dear. whose being passive agressive dickwads now?

honestly it was just this exchange that was my last straw, though it’s been building for a while. i don’t even know why this one specifically, maybe it’s just because it’s a writer saying it or the obnoxious separation there of the only thing i still care about, but even if i’m still emotionally attached (and i don’t know if i’ll keep writing new fic after i finish my longfic at this point so i can break free) i really don’t want to support the show at all, even with my one tiny online stream of it.

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alinaandalion answered your post: “do any of you know if watching live via abc.com contributes to…”:
i think it does. any reason for this?

eh, just that i don’t feel good about contributing to their ratings and i don’t have a tv or anything, so that’s the only way i can watch in decent quality when everyone else does. last year i just torrented the canadian version but i don’t think it’s coming out early this year. :\

i guess i’ll probably wait it out and shut off my phone and computer for a few hours to avoid spoilers unless something changes my mind~

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sgtmac7 answered your post: “do any of you know if watching live via abc.com contributes to…”:
Not to my knowledge, no. There’s a separate way they have of tabulating media like iTunes/Hulu/ABC.Com, though. But we never see it, alas.

hmm, so it still counts for something, though? i’ll have to think on it and try to decide what i want to do. :|


do any of you know if watching live via abc.com contributes to ratings?


if you’re reading dark!emma (Freefall) here:

i am feeling like i’m spread a bit too thin in terms of where i’m posting these ficlets so i think i’m going to potentially try just posting to the regular fic sites for the time being? two updates every week, just like i’m doing now, but you’ll get them both at once and i’ll just link here.

so anyway you can find them here at ao3 and here at fanfiction.net. i’m a bit behind but i should catch up quickly and then you’ll get new material! <3

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An act of true love will thaw a frozen heart

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eh, never mind

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viii. mystification


The problem with having a suddenly overprotective mom- two, it almost feels like these days, Mayor Mills present and hovering with equal concern- is that, even when he’s getting answers, they’re carefully sanitized and he can’t run away to figure them out on his own. He’s stuck in Mayor Mills’s house, Mom and the mayor both in the living room with him, and he can’t so much as walk to the kitchen without one of them casually trailing behind. And he has questions

His dad’s tombstone, for one, because all it says is beloved son but when Mom had spoken about him over the years, she’d always emphasized that he had been an orphan, just like her. And if his parents are somewhere in this town, then where had they been at his funeral? Henry had already met almost all the people attending, and the few he hadn’t had been much too young to be his grandparents. It doesn’t make sense.

Nothing about this town makes sense, and even knowing about Zelena has given him more questions than answers.

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